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A complete list of books of contemporary poetry published by

the Lunar Chandelier Collective Press (LCC Press):

Heart Thread, Robert Kelly

Views from Tornado Island, Charles Stein 

Uncreated Mirror, Tamas Panitz

Waters Of, Billie Chernicoff

Porcelain Pillow, Thomas Meyer 

Extramission, Whit Griffin

The Sea Comes Back, Lila Dunlap

Calls, Robert Kelly

Vanished Signs, Peter Lamborn Wilson 

Invisible Marches, Tamas Panitz

Bronze, Billie Chernicoff 

Hexateuch, Joel Newberger

The Caprices, Robert Kelly

Black Light Casts White Shadows, Charles Stein

Five, Mitch Highfill

Seaspel, Robert Kelly

Trysts, Lila Dunlap

Reasons to Resist, Robert Kelly

Partitas, Lila Dunlap

Under the Window, Joel Newberger

The House of the Devil, Tamas Panitz

Amoretti, Billie Chernicoff

A Book of Infernos, Jerome Rothenberg

All Sky: Views from a Horizon, Nathan Smith


more forthcoming

For a review copy of any of our titles please email

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