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Seaspel /  Robert Kelly

Seaspel / Robert Kelly


“SEASPEL is a mosaic. It is formed of shells of perception, sacred narratives well or ill remembered, glimpses of ocean, reminiscences about a great teacher and his students. In island folk art, mosaic images are made from fragments of all sorts of shell. Clam, oyster, scallop side by side—their origins do not matter, only shape and color—not the source, only the found fact. The poem itself tries to embody what the sea told me, the sea, the sea. The poem is dedicated to the memory of my teacher, Lama Norlha (Ngawang Geleg, the second Norla Rinpoche), 1938-2018, founder of the first Vajrayana seminaries in America, guide, sustainer, friend.”

—Robert Kelly


136 pg.

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