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Uncreated Mirror/ Tamas Panitz

Uncreated Mirror/ Tamas Panitz


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 "Reader, in your hands you hold a culmination: the New American Poetry we were given halfway through the last century is here now fully realized all the way through this gracious instance of open composition by field. UNCREATED MIRROR has a river's resolve, Guadalcabal a pond's deliberation. Tamas Panitz has made in them a Sanskrit from the fluency of our common speech, sinuous, without hesitancy, a language of petition and intention free of declaration or plea."—Thomas Meyer

"The poet is an eternal presence in Tamas Panitz's glorious and lyric UNCREATED MIRROR, and we might find the poet under our boot soles or hundreds of years on both sides of the looking glass membrane of the past and present simultaneously. The title suggests an unfixed future or an unmade past. The poet takes us on a journey of our own fixed images, perhaps, allowing us to make our reflections. UNCREATED MIRROR is a brilliant guide to sense-memories and their influence on our potential embrace."—Brenda Coultas

"The secret of the alphabet is that the letters are not abstract but are actually pictures—pictographs—secret hieroglyphics, 'stolen' from Egypt by 'Moses.' To learn this Mystery you could hope for no better guide than Tamas Panitz."—Peter Lamborn Wilson

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